Best Espresso Machine Reviews 2016

People want to read recent reviews and ratings to choose the best espresso machine from a  number of brands. Coffee is the matter of relax so a good espresso machine can give you better  flavor. It is very difficult to select the best one from the number of brands, sizes, models and price. During research  we  have seen various brand and non-brand espresso machines are available in the market. We try to give visitors reviews  about  the  best espresso machine available in the market.

best espresso machine

How to choose the best Espresso Machine?

It is hard to find the best espresso machine because all machines have its own features. As a result one single machine may not satisfy you in all the expectation if you cannot select the best one. Most of the times, people fall in a dilemma which machine should to buy or to avoid. Now we give you detailed discussion about each and every kind of espresso machines so that you can get a proper knowledge about Best espresso machine.

Kinds of Espresso Machine

After researching we can divide espresso machine in two types:

  1. Steam Driven Espresso Machine
  2. Pump Driven Espresso Machine

Now we explain about Steam and Pump driven espresso machine:

Steam Driven Espresso Machine

Steam driven is the oldest form of espresso machines and many  people  are using this type of espresso  machine.  The steam driven espresso machine uses steam to enforce water toward the coffee. This type of machine totally depends on steam pressure to make a cup of coffee. Steam driven espresso machine cannot produce full-flavored espresso, but it can give a strong cup of coffee. Price level  is not so high, so  people whose budget is low they can select these types of espresso. The best thing about this machine is that it does not contain any moving parts so we can add water and brew for more people serving.


Recommended Best Steam Driven Espresso Machine

Mr. Coffee ECM160 4-Cup Steam Espresso Machine The cheapest espresso machine.

Pump Driven Espresso Machine

Stream espresso uses steam pressure on the other hand Pump driven espresso machine uses an electric  pump. Pump driven espresso machine enforces water through the coffee grounds to make coffee. Pump driven is the latest technological supported espresso machine. It has an internal pump system as well as good temperature control systems.The  Forcing system of pump driven machines is more intense than stream system. The Pump driven machine can produce better quality espresso. You can mark this type of machines as the best espresso machines if your budget is little high.

There are two types of pump driven espresso machine:

  1. Semi-Automatic espresso machine.
  2. Super-Automatic espresso machine.

People look after super automatic espresso machine beecause its well function and use latest system to produce espresso.

Is there any verity between Semi-automatic and super-automatic espresso machine?

This difference does not show you that semi-automatic better or worsted than super-automatic. Here we show you the technical aspect of both semi-automatic and super-automatic espresso machine. Semi-automatic was first invented by Italian brand barista Gaggia in 1940. This espresso machine is equipped with an electric pump. This machine can make pressure at 8-9 atmosphere. It works half of your task. You have to tamp and grind the coffee to make it proper fit for portafilter.  The machine takes over the rest of the task After adding to the portafilter.

The best thing about semi-automatic espresso machine are user friendly and easy to use. Its programs are very easy. Just you have to remember the process how making espresso by using the best espresso machine. Then you can easily fit this machine with your kitchen.

Super automatic espresso machine is the newest form of espresso machine. Super indicates something superior and it must contain. Price level is higher so this kind of machine has some special features. User can get a better taste without doing any pump or pressure.. The automated brewing function makes it the best espresso machine because anyone can enjoy the great coffee within a few minutes .This automated function is absent in semi-automatic espresso machine and this function does all the task from the grinding to the brewing.

It starts the grinding process and ensure the extract right amount for preparing coffee. Even it also takes care for proper tamping. We can prepare various types of coffee at the same time various flavors for many people. The  Super automatic espresso machine is perfect for proper lattes, cappuccino and others homemade coffees. This automatic frothing and streaming function that allows to quick and fast coffees.

Features of Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine is featured with few automatic functions. This espresso machine keeps the capability of brew espresso with pre/fresh ground coffee. Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine have to control each aspect of processing by the user. Finally, we create a short list about common features of this machine. Which make the Semi-Automatic espresso machine a good buy:

  • The price range is not so high.
  • The Semi-Automatic espresso machine has stainless steel or plastic body.
  • Automatically generate temperature and pressure  in every aspect of processing.
  • The User has to adjust the steam flow and water from getting a perfect coffee.
  • The User has to keep it on or off because its operation system is manual.
  • The Semi-Automatic espresso machine has no grinder so the user has to fill up the portafilter.
  • Weight remains within 25 pounds, so it’s easy to move any place.

Moreover the Semi-Automatic espresso machine is good enough and perfect fit for your home or kitchen. The manual control and fine tuning always gives you the special taste and temperature.


To make your buying easy we accumulate all the market leader Semi-Automatic espresso machine. Here you can compare each espresso machine and you can also critical analysis of this machine. Remove your bewilderment from your mind. Let’s Consider weight, price, water reservoir system, temperature stability, filter basket and inch. Then decide to make your best deals to buy a Semi-Automatic espresso machine.

Recommended Best Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine  : best espresso machine ever for the people whose budget is under S1000. 

Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler Espresso Machine : Best espresso machine for the people who prefer dual stainless steel boilers.

Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine : Best espresso machine for the people who prefer pre heated pump.

Features of Super Automatic Espresso Machine

The Super automatic espresso machine is the most suitable way to prepare a top quality cup of coffee. As its name entitle super so it works like a super. It is able to do everything for you to have a nice coffee. That’s why it’s called all in all espresso machines. You just give it fresh coffee beans that it will work automatically to make coffee. It also calls bean to cup machine. Let’s take closer look at the great features of Super automatic espresso machine. By those features  you can easily identify why it is called super:

  • Super automatic espresso machine has a wider range of program selection function.
  • Automatic steam wand function that enables frothing ability.
  • A Dual boiling system that can adjust brewing temperature automatically.
  • Make coffee in queue system. You can set pre-program function and this machine will run automatically according to your setting.
  • Label or digital display you can set your menu in this two form. Apart from this digital display can give more function than label system.
  • The Super automatic espresso machine has shot timer option that shows the exact
  • Now Super automatic espresso machine is supported by USB port. That means we can share program with another machine.
  • This espresso machine is not just a coffee maker, it’s a complete pleasure.

Apart from this feature Super automatic espresso machine comes with other quality. It has an automatic cleaning system, on-off system, diagnostic system and many more functions. So regarding those awesome features why, we do not call it super.


Recommended Best Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

 DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine: Our suggested best super -automatic espresso machine. This machine has Patented Cappuccino System.

Jura IMPRESSA Z9 Automatic Coffee Machine : the key features of Jura IMPRESSA Z9 areThermoblock and Aroma grinder.

Where to Buy Best Espresso Machine?

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The reason behind our suggestion:

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Finally, After reading our reviews you can realize which one is perfect for you. Just we summarize our reviews. Firstly, you fix an approximate budget. Secondly, after reviewing your articles you can select the brand. Finally, you can check details about ratings and reviews from Amazon to pick best espresso machine.