Jura Giga 5 Automatic Espresso Machine Reviews


It’s good when the user gets complete coffee from their beans. Our research team search in various way for a machine. The machine could give complete pleasure of coffee making and enjoying. Regarding this we find that jura giga 5 is the complete and perfect for this purpose.

Why jura giga 5 is perfect?

In the market, it is hard to find such a product that is alike jura giga 5, because its quality and service are fully unique. The coffee it makes its true hard to get by others coffee machine.

Fastest Coffee making:  jura giga 5 is the fastest coffee maker in the world. jura giga 5 has two disk grinders which is made by ceramics. This professional grinders extract aroma from coffee bean than keep this until move on the cup.

17 Coffee Choice: This machine have multiple coffee choosing option. This option can make different flavor coffee at the same time. jura giga is perfect for office or large family. Where different person has different choice so jura giga 5 can fulfill every one demand.


Some others unique feature:

  1. Design is award winning design.
  2. jura giga 5 is made by high quality and durable materials.
  3. This machine have 2 brewing chamber.
  4. Provide information in TFT display.
  5. made in Switzerland.
  6.  2.6L water tank.
  7. jura giga 5 is developed with IPBAS system.
  8. to increase aroma  have 15 bar pump.

Customer Rating and Reviews

Now get on to the customer review. Let’s see what the user think about jura giga 5.

Review given by maxie that “ This makes the best everything. I think it might even vacuum. ”

He reviewed that the coffee made by it is best than any others machine and he also think it might even vacuum.

Another review provide by L. Janssen that “ Paired with the cold milk storage machine, this coffee machine is a dream. Like having Starbucks in my kitchen. But better! ”

He said this coffee machine is his dream and the coffee it produces is like Starbucks coffee. He is happy with his coffee machine.

Reviewer Donald Brown said that “I ordered this as a present for my daughter. It only worked intermittently and now doesn’t work at all. She is unable to get even a return phone call from Jura” .

Ooh its really sad that his machine did not work at all, we hope Jura would return this machine and give back another copy to Mr. Donald.

We would end this article by saying a simple recommend.If money does not problem than you should go for jura giga 5. Really it coffee’s taste and aroma is better than any others machine.

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